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Krewe Traditions

The Rally Cry

      When you hear one-two-three, you always answer KOMOVA!!!

The Pool Party

  1. It is at the pool party everyone comes together to decide on that years ball theme usually held in July or August. The annual pool Olympics are also held at this time. (with great sorrow the Pool Party died in 2014 no longer a tradition).

Twelfth Night

       We usually meet for drinks to cheer on our out going King and Queen before there final walk.  

The Ball

1.    The Kazoo Parade is when we dance to te Second Line. When you walk into the Ball look for your  Kazoo because everyone is encouraged to join in.

2.     The King is always to eat The Royal Oyster after his Royal Proclamation.

3.      In the first years of the krewe the King and Queen were chosen just by how much fun they have had.

The Float 

      1. Every year that we have rode in either The Children's Parade or Krewe of Krewe's Parade, Guinevere has always lead the way to a great time and safe travels.
      2. In the begining years of Komova we only rode in The Children's Parade ( we would build the float the day before the parade and then tear it down after a fun filled parade).
       3. Usually on the day of The Krewe of Krewe's Parade a large feast is place on the float and everyone eats till they are full.

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