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By Laws

The Krewe of Komova By-Laws
   The purpose of this Krewe is to have a good time and promote the Mardi Gras spirit.
   The members of the Board of Directors shall have the power to make, amend, and appeal by-laws to govern this Krewe. Proposed amendment from the membership may be submitted to the Board at any time to be considered by the Board of Directors at a Board meeting.
A membership
       All members must be 21 years of age or older. Potential members are nominated by a current member. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the approval of all applications for membership. One membership is defined as a married couple and/or one person that can invite a guest to all Krewe functions. The Board of Directors shall terminate the membership of a member who, in the judgment of the Board, conducts himself in a manner detrimental to the Krewe or its purposes without refund of dues paid. Membership number will be maintained at 50 memberships. Guest's behavior and or actions will be the responsibility of that Krewe member that invited them to any Komova function.
Voting Rights
   Each membership of the Krewe shall have one vote in the affairs in the Krewe. Written proxies will be accepted provided they are filed with the Secretary at the beginning of the meeting wherein the proxies will be used.
Board of Directors
   The Board of Directors consists of nine members listed as follows: President, Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Float Lieutenant,and four board members. One must be a member of The Krewe of Komova for a minimum of two years before becoming eligible for the Board of Directors. In the event the president is unable to fulfill his/her duties or responsibilities, the Board of Directors will appoint an interim President. Board members are replaced by recommendations from the Krewe and voted on by the existing board. The term of a board member is a minimum of three years or until their resignation or replaced by a majority vote of the members at their annual meeting. The Board of Directors will not include any spouses. All Board members will hold in confidence such matters as deemed necessary.
Quorum of the Directors
    A majority of the Directors shall constitute a quorum which would be five or more Board Members. A quorum shall be necessary to consider any question that may come before any meeting of the Board of Directors.
Duties of Board of Directors
   President: The president will call for and preside at all meetings of the Krewe and will appoint any special committee chairperson with the help of the Board. The President only votes in the event of a tie, he/she oversees all functions of the Krewe.
   Captain: The Captain is responsible for public relations and representation of the krewe at krewe events.
   Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for taking roll and minutes at each Board meeting and preparing agenda for meetings.
   Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for current finances including membership dues, all expenditures, and keeping a balanced budget. A written year-end financial statement, prepared by the Treasurer, will be available to the membership upon written request.
Lieutenant:Will oversee any committee that is in direct use of the Float and or Floats. He will also oversee a committee to set the rules and regulations for conduct on the float and repair and/or decoration of float.
    Remaining Broad Members: Each remaining Board member will be appointed an event for the fiscal year. All Board members will assist the chairperson of that event with all duties.
The Krewe’s Royal Court will include a King, Queen, and The Duke and/or Duchess of When Ever, What Ever, Where Ever. Each will be selected with the help of nominations from the membership. The Board of Directors will vote on the new court. The identities of the new Royalty will be keep secret until revealed at the annual ball; a member of the royal court must be a member for two years.
 Voting of Court
a.     Ballots will go out around September 20th (after dues are collected and late fee time has expired).
b.     Each membership will get one nomination.
c.      Only members for more than 2 years will be on the ballot.
d.     The ballots will be numbered.
e.      Each membership can vote for one couple or two single members. If a member votes for more than the one couple or two single members the ballot will be considered invalid and that vote not counted.
f.       King & Queen will be chosen by the Krewe. The court will be chosen by the Board.
Annual Ball
All attendees are encouraged to be in costume with the theme of the year.
Any individual attending the Ball must be 21 years or older, except during court presentation. Individuals under 21 must by law leave immediately following court presentation.
Ball Invitations
 Each member will receive one invitation ticket which will admit two people. The following guest invitations will be provided to Royalty as follows:
King and Queen- 2 Additional Invitations
Board Members- 2 Additional Invitations
   1. All dues must be paid by August 31 of each calendar year. All those paying dues after August 31 thru September 15 will have a $10.00 additional charge added to their membership. Membership will be terminated if dues are not paid by September 15. Upon request of terminated member, their name would be added to bottom of new membership waiting list.
   2. After September 15, new membership waiting list will be considered by the Board of Directors.
   3. All membership fees will be determined and voted on by the Board of Directors.

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By Laws
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